Thursday, January 15, 2004

A bit of my dream from last night:

Marilyn was round, as were some friends of Mum and Dad's (maybe the Spungins). We were sitting in the living room (in its pre-reconstruction state) when someone looked out into the garden and noticed a baby elephant, no bigger than a large sheep-dog. I went round to the kitchen-side to get a better look and sure enough there it was, a bit docile and poorly from the cold. Knowing how excited Marilyn would be, I went back to the living room to inform everyone. In fact they'd already let it in through the French windows and it was now sleeping on the living room floor, just stirring its trunk every so often.

I remember registering only the slightest surprise that infant elephants now regularly wandered the gardens of Belsize Park. I mean, it's just a logical step up from the seagulls we now get every summer.


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