Monday, January 26, 2004

Spurs were on the BBC this Sunday lunchtime. Ben Overlander, who was in particularly fine form, came round to the rubble-laden house to watch the match with me and Sam. The Tottenham performance in the first half almost put us off our bagels.

Mid-way through that dismal first 45, chilled not only by the way things were panning out, I climbed up on the sofa to close the window at the top. As I jumped down I heard something crack. The arm of the leather sofa seemed to have deflated. I quickly worked out I must have snapped the wood under the leather. I sat there doubly depressed. It was one big pathetic fallacy - Spurs shit, sofa broken.

Ben told me to snap out of it and in the second half Spurs ran out a completely different team. Our midfield controlled the game, all our flicks up front were coming off. We got our equaliser and could certainly have won it. In the end we had to settle for the draw and a replay.

I told Ben in an email today that I was about to call an upholsterers (who apparently are the correct professionals for such jobs ... now you know who to call if you ever deflate the arm of your leather sofa) and he replied: "I can't help feeling that the future of your sofa is inextricably linked to Spurs' cup run!"

So things were looking up for Tottenham when the upholsterers told me they do these sort of jobs all the time. Thing is, we've since drawn Man Utd away in the 5th round. I have come to the conclusion: the sofa doesn't stand a chance.


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