Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Arrived. One, maybe two hours' sleep on the plane, but feeling surprisingly OK. Got a bonus tour of Jerusalem in the shirut taxi service. Of course I'd have to be the last of seven drop-offs. Most of the neighbourhoods we stopped in were cosy ultra-orthodox suburbs, with lots of speed-bumps and kids. Drove right through East Jerusalem too, which I don't think I'd ever actually been to. Sure, gazed over it countless times ... But isn't that terrible? been here on so many occasions and only now... Not that we got out the car or anything. Amazing the way you go from Arab to Palestinian neighbourhood in like one street. You're one place and everybody's Muslim and all the signs are in Arabic, then you turn the corner and everybody's Jewish again.

Finally got here, in Katamon, about 8am Jerusalem time. So now I'm in the flat, my new home. My room's a little grimy, but nothing a few posters and a sweep of the floor won't fix. I've just spent an hour or two with Danny, who was showing me the ropes. He seems very cool, very likeable. So he's just gone to work (he teaches at the new Kosher Culinary Academy), inviting me to make use of his computer and broadband internet connection. He's from New Jersey but has managed to get Peterboro to a European final in Championship Manager. An American who likes football. Result. He won't mind my watching Premiership matches on his all-singing, all-dancing cable set-up!

To the yeshiva shortly, where I will at least put in a preliminary appearance.


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