Thursday, February 12, 2004

But a few minutes to write before I meet Alex to go to the cinema and see Dirty Pretty Things.

Today, my first full day at the Yeshiva, there was an earthquake. In Israel.

Richter scale 5 at its epicentre in the Dead Sea. There we were, studying Talmud with our chevrutas and then everyone feels it, the building is shaking. Everybody goes silent. Someone says, "that was an earthquake." "That is an earthquake," corrects another. It's still going. We all gathered outside afterwards (taking our Talmuds with us of course) while someone checked the rickety old building.

Talmud was good. A bit of an exercise in logic, but good, interesting as an insight into the way the Rabbis learnt and thought. Kabbalah this afternoon was excellent, the teaching just the right sensitivity, pitch and complexity.


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