Thursday, February 19, 2004

This week's been intense. So much learning. Nearly everyday I feel I have to take a break through part of one lesson or another, I'm so tired. Like today, I left after the chevruta (study in pairs) section of the Parshat Hashavua session, in which we take a look at the bit of the Torah read out in synagogues this weekend. Now I have to go out again for 3 hours of Hebrew lessons. I've joined an extra evening class to try to improve my woeful language skills. We met for the first time on Monday night. It's an interesting group, from all over, not just the yeshiva. An Australian who works at the Christian Embassy, a couple Americans, a Polish guy, four or five Israeli Arabs who have moved back to Jerusalem from abroad. We're supposed to be just further than beginner level but really it's quite a mix of abilities. I'm somewhere in the middle.

After class I'm going to Rehovot to stay with my very religious uncle and his family for Shabbat. Planning on doing very little. A much needed break I hope.


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