Friday, March 05, 2004

A tad lazy of me, but I'm sure you'll forgive me ...

10 things I have done this week:

1. Talked theology one on one with Shaya, the yeshiva resident mystic
2. Looked at what Jewish law says about women and the shofar
3. Had dinner with Rabbi Joel Levi
4. Watched Groundhog Day for the first time
5. Gone to see a depressing Ken Loach film about jobless Northerners trying to make ends meet
6. Enjoyed the constant 25 degrees centigrade weather
7. Studied the Book of Esther
8. Learnt about rabbinic approaches to the subject of death
9. Fasted for Taanit Esther
10. Bought my Purim costume

Purim falls on Monday in Jerusalem but Sunday everywhere else - so three of us are going to Tel Aviv on Saturday night, going clubbing and then coming back here to do the whole thing again. It's pretty much non-stop parties until Tuesday next week.


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