Monday, March 15, 2004

Urgh - at home with diagnosed bronchitis. I've not really recovered yet from all that Purim madness. I'm probably well enough to make it to my Hebrew lesson this evening, but I think I can give myself permission to take it easy. So it's cable TV and videos instead. I just lay out and watched the first Ghostbusters movie. I don't think I appreciated such absolute brilliance at 7 years old. Some great lines ...

Sigourney Weaver [possessed, growling]: I want you inside me.
Bill Murray: I'm not sure there's room. Sounds like you've got at least two people in there already

Meanwhile, I finally booked my ticket to India. I'm back in London on 11 April and fly out to Delhi on the 25th. Poker, fantasy football, book group take note - we have dates to keep. I fly back from India (from Calcutta, where my brother will be volunteering with Tzedek) on 28 July. The thought of my 2 months on the subcontinent is incredibly exciting. Life will be suddenly, totally different. But I have my 2 weeks in the UK to get myself mentally and otherwise prepared.

Elsewhere in the life of Joel, I'm trying to sort out finishing my time in Israel by spending 4 days at Boombamela. It's a festival by the beach, over some of Pesach. An Israeli Burning Man if you will. One or two of the other yeshiva people are up for it so there's nothing to stop us.


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