Sunday, May 09, 2004

Hannah and Rob left last Thursday. Since they left I've been much more solitary, even in the midst of the Dharamshala bustle.

Spent the whole of Friday night and Saturday day at Beit Chabad, which operates as the local Jewish community centre in the wilderness. I think they do an amazing job, providing community and Torah miles from home. Got to learn with the three main organisers on Saturday morning, before services. Whole of Shabbat was a real pleasure.

Today it's been head down to work on the seminar I'll be running, first with the current two Longsho movement workers, then with the new workers and regional representatives from Deckyiling and Darjeeling. Think it's going to be quite hard work.

Feel like I'm entering a new phase. Would like to do something - explore the country, go trecking, take some classes - but I'm not going to have the time for a while. Need patience and maybe a few new friends.


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